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turning dreams into realities through our expert craftsmanship

What can we do?

Our highly certified painting experts can turn any space into a visual work of art through numerous highly skilled techniques  that bring you a one of a kind design. We specialize in all aspects of interiors and exteriors, with the incorporation of liquid metals, marbling and wood graining, patina, high gloss, gilding, plasters, glazing, murals and stencils, Trompe l'oeil, color design, and more. We take pride in bringing our world class craftsmanship and technique to Bozeman, Montana, Jackson Hole, Wyoming and surrounding areas. 



Liquid Metal


Cold Metal Anodizing for Interior and Exterior. 

Enhanced with Patinas to create one of a kind designs. There are numerous materials available such as: Brass, Copper, Steel, Bronze, and more. 

A decorative technique that dates back to the ancient world, where a thin layer of gold is applied to surfaces such as: Metal, Wood, Stone, Glass, Ceramic and more. 


Interior and exterior services are available. We offer plasters, varnishes, patinas, texturing, glazing, high gloss painting, and more. 


Create what looks like woodgrain and marble designs on nearly any surface. We can match existing materials or design an imitation to correlate with your space.  

Specialty Painting

Ornamental decorative painting, as well as clouds and murals, ceilings, walls, and more. 


Repetitive designs made by custom or premade stencil. Can be applied with many techniques. 



Every project begins with preparation, including power washing, masking external surfaces, and any additional precautionary efforts that may be required. We take pride in our ability to step through each part of the process in a way that best serves the client. With top tier certifications in nearly every aspect of decorative painting, the possibilities are endless.

Full exterior and interior house paint
Full Exterior House Painting
Exterior Home Decorative Painting Techniques


The options are endless when it comes to interior decorative painting. From imitation of wood, marble, and granite to 24K gold gilding we can bring any idea to life in your home. We specialize in many art forms, such as: textures, marble and wood imitations, patinas, plasters, color design, ornamentals, varnishes and more. In the past, we have done many doors, windows, electric outlets, and cabinets in addition to larger scale projects. We can work one on one with the client or interior designers to come up with a creative solution that takes your project to the highest level of sophistication. 

Decorative Painting for Cabinetry
Decorative Painting for Cabinetry
Decorative Painting for Cabinetry
Decorative Painting for Cabinetry
Decorative Painting for Cabinetry


We specialize in refinishing existing cabinets, doors, and trim as well as applying finishes to newer installations. Our expertise spans traditional European hand brushed oil techniques, multi-layer glazing to replicate aged finishes, cold metal anodizing, and contemporary urethanes. With a wide array of finishing options at your disposal, we ensure your desired aesthetics and functionality are finished seamlessly.


Fine Paints of Europe

Van Der Kelen Institute

 -(Graduated with Silver Medal

Verometal Certified Application Specialist

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Van Der Kelen Institute Diploma

Bring your design to life

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